White Hat vs Grey and Black Hat Links

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a complex strategy. There are several methods to obtain links and each method you choose have their own consequences to your link building efforts in the long term. There are recommended strategies to obtain links that are natural and of high quality. You need to aim for this because building white hat links offer the best value and lasting results for your business. On the flip side, black hat SEO use strategies that offer immediate rise in traffic and ranking but once Google identifies the unnatural link building effort, they will be penalized for it. It is, therefore, important to draw the line between these different strategies so you can pick the method that is most worthy of your time.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are best referred to as spam techniques. It involves building a website that has little content or content with no value at all. Instead, they focus on over-optimization by adding too many related keywords wherein it appears unnatural or out of context. When it comes to off-site optimization, the techniques involve posting comments just to leave links, directory submission to generic and non-relevant directories, and automating website submission processes. With that said, black hat SEO leverage technology heavily by automating all linking processes whereas white hat links are natural and offer the highest value to human readers.

Grey Hat SEO

If you want to know how to build whitehat links, you need to identify it against grey hat SEO techniques. A lot of the SEO techniques employed by internet marketers fall under this category. The use of these tactics involves a risk vs reward approach. Some tactics are questionable and might even be frowned upon by Google algorithms. Therefore, you should carefully consider before employing grey hat SEO to your website as it can risk being penalized.

White Hat SEO

This is the best strategy for your website’s link building efforts. Building white hat links offer the highest return and long lasting placement on Google and other major search engines. It starts off by building quality content followed by search engine optimization. Without quality content, it will be difficult to obtain traffic and readership to your website. Primarily, you are building the website for human readers, not just for SEO purposes. You can use automated programs, but that is mainly to speed up the process and heighten efficiency, not as a shortcut to your goals.

You might now be faced with an important question: which hat do you choose? Building whitehat links is, without a question, the best and most rewarding of the three techniques. This approach might take the most amount of work, but the results are long-lived. Also, it takes lesser risks as the other two options can get your site banned from the search engines, putting all of your efforts to waste.

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