The Right Toothbrush to Enhance Your Smile and Improve Oral Health

Your desire to have a healthy and brighter smile may just remain a wish if you don’t floss and brush your teeth regularly. When you floss or brush your teeth frequently, you hinder plaque and tartar buildup that many people don’t realize until certain signs start showing. Besides having a beautiful and brighter smile, regular brushing keeps the gums healthy and prevents the development of oral cavities and periodontal diseases. However, you may not realize this if you use the same toothbrush over time. Most dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush after using it for about three months. Buying a replacement toothbrush is an absolute plus to your health for the following reasons:

Avoid Harmful Frayed Bristles

Using the same toothbrush repeatedly over a long period makes the bristles appear frayed. Toothbrushes with frayed bristles do not clean teeth and tongue thoroughly and they are also unable to remove plaque that buildup on the teeth. Although the flat surfaces of your teeth may look clean, the frayed bristles may not reach the crannies and nooks of your teeth where most plaque stick to. If you continue to use the old toothbrush, you may not only develop dental infections but also experience bad breath.

Avoid Cuts and Wounds

Many people fail to understand that frayed bristles become sharper than they were when the toothbrush was new. This happens because the frayed bristles develop sharp edges that easily injure the delicate tissues of your mouth. It becomes even more serious once the sharp edges injure your gum since it exposes your gums to severe infections. You need to have it clear in your mind that the cuts that the frayed bristles cause could be a probable entry of pathogenic bacteria into your bloodstream.

Prevent Bacterial Growth

The obvious thing you should know is that mouths harbor bacteria of different species even though some of them remain harmless for some time. After every brushing moment, your toothbrush remains moist and with tiny food particles if not rinsed properly. Moreover, the toothbrush also collects bacteria from the air and remains a good multiplication ground for these bacteria due to its moistness. This then causes a likelihood of transferring the air bacteria into your mouth in your next brushing. The most amazing thing is that the cost of treating the infections that these pathogenic bacteria cause is always much higher than the cost of looking for a quality replacement toothbrush.

Avert Re-Infection

People with cold sores, flu and cold may not be aware that they leave numerous pathogenic microbes on their toothbrush. Most bacteria and viruses that cause these infections may not be washed away when you are rinsing your toothbrush due to their effective ability to attach on the bristles. If you manage to cure your original infections and continue using the same old toothbrush, chances of a new outbreak would be high.

Keep Heart Problems at Bay

Scientific research shows that the microbes that cause tooth decay may also cause heart diseases if care is not taken. Failure to change your toothbrush as recommended does not guarantee thorough teeth cleaning. This eventually causes tooth problems that may advance to heart problems with time. However, getting a good replacement toothbrush would keep both your heart and mouth free from such problems.