Team Building Activities Effective In Organizational Development

In strategic planning and development of an organization, it is critical for the senior managers to develop techniques of maximum productivity from the human work force. Enhancing the wholehearted cooperation of employees during work is a critical element in strategy formulation. Outdoor team building activities are designed to assist employees develop ways of joining together at work to achieve the goals of the department or the company, and developing techniques for each individual to do their level best. Team building is an elaborate session that is not designed only for fun but should be able to cultivate a spirit of cooperation to achieve an objective.

outdoor team building activities

Challenges in Good Teamwork

Achievement of commitment from workers is largely a personal behavioral choice that must be cultivated by the leaders and managers. Administrators must work to overcome personal egos, enhance team player skills, promote individual dedication to the team and create an all-inclusive environment for total cooperation. Poor management of employee interactions can signal serious failure in the organization.

Important Aims of team development

Outdoor team building activities have certain critical functions in the organization and in increasing employee motivation. These can be classified into major groups depending on the stage of the team development process.

Formation stage

This is the stage in which the team is beginning to develop. Objectives include leading the group to better understand each other and develop a sense of oneness. They are also aligned to the common goals and purposes. It is at this point that a positive culture is encouraged and the roles of the team leader are defined.

Storming stage

At this level, emphasis is placed on maintaining people properly to their goals. Good team relationships are emphasized and problem-solving skills are developed in a team setting. At this point people learn how to share new ideas concerning a situation. Shared roles, leader roles and behavioral standards may be challenged. All these stages are designed to develop cohesion and achievement of objectives. Successful passage of this stage results to greater bonding among colleagues, which will ultimately bring more productivity.


This is the point where everybody in the team is familiar with the other person, his or her way of working, communication and where each of them performs best. People end up developing a sense of working together to achieve certain common objectives of the organization. Good team building is directed at achieving these tasks and organizational efficiency must focus on the team development process.

High performance point

This is the dream of most organizations seeking to achieve extreme productivity. Personal excellence at the specified tasks seeks to be achieved. At this stage, workers may seek to increase knowledge in their tasks, develop innovation, delegation from the leader and even process modifications.

Team Development Activities

Outdoor team building activities from “” seek to bring your organizational performance to this high performance level through well-designed tasks and objectives based on your preferences. The activities have varying levels of intensiveness, perseverance and cohesion. They are designed to develop the teamwork in the company and enhance individual cooperation for greater output.