Polymer Compounding: Innovation from the Best

The pace at which plastics and related products have been adopted recently is very high. More and more inventions are being developed related to plastics. Moreover, they are replacing other materials such as wood and metal due to their inherent properties. Customized plastic products have been developed through innovative manufacturing processes. Polymer compounding services are directed towards production of various types of plastics through the use of additives to achieve certain characteristics.

Trends in New Applications of Polymer Compounded Materials

In the areas of personal and domestic products, the trend has started to gain motion – plastics have replaced indigenous fibers, wood and fur. Footwear, manufacturing and even functional wear and protective equipments have been produced with plastics. Production of eye lenses and optical products has also been made using special plastics.

The motor vehicle industry has been the most innovative in the use of thermoplastics.

Key components previously made from metal including body works, engine parts, bushings have started using special plastics.

In electronics and electrical applications, body works and casings, battery parts and even semiconductors have replaced convectional metal with polymeric substances. Great polymer compounding has helped in the achievement of this goal. Production of packaging materials in most industries has also shifted from metal, wood and fiber to thermoplastics.

Polymer Compounding Process

This process involves chemical blending of plastic products and other additives in the presence of heat. Through this, all properties of the initial plastic are altered and a compound is produced. The raw material for the production is called a resin/polymer. Various polymer compounding services providers can achieve different results depending on their knowledge and experience and equipment capabilities.

S & E Polymers has a wide-range of knowledge and experience in the plastics and polymers industry. The product range is wide and unique.

The process of compounding consists of several stages. The mixture of the resin and other components are directed to an extruder for proper combination to occur. The molten and mixed compound then exits from extruder strands of a certain diameter, which then goes through a cooling process and cut to pieces to produce pellets. More details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymer.

Quality assurance

Quality checks for material conformity are then performed to ensure high quality is achieved. At S&E services, polymer compounding services are the core business of the organization so quality is very important.

Thermoplastic elastomers polymer compounding is the process of producing elastomers exhibiting both elastomeric and thermoplastic processes. The process is sensitive and relies on the high technical abilities of the service providers. It is therefore important to carefully list or document the required properties and illustrate well to the designers to ensure a flawless product is attained.

Specialty polymer compounding services are intended to manufacture products made from user specifications. They also require careful planning from scientists and engineers, which may require different calibration and additives.

Advanced polymer compounding services from S & E polymers are highly quality conscious and these processes are conducted under the framework of the ISO 9000:2008 quality management system. Implementation of the quality systems in manufacturing unites all staff towards the common goal of customer satisfaction.