Experience Fabulous Mekong River Tours with Top Class Cruises

Mekong river tours have always remained a special experience for the travelers of Saigon. Over the decades, Mekong River has attracted millions of tourists from different parts of the world for its fabulous river path and picturesque views on the two banks throughout the path. Mekong is the 7th largest river in Asia, originating from the Lasagongma spring in the Tibetan plateau. In its 4350Km journey the river has crisscrossed China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Mekong River cruise from Saigon is a delighting, adventurous, and life time experience for many tourists who want to discover Cambodia and Vietnam through water ways.

mekong river toursFeatures of the cruise:

Tours on Mekong River can never be complete without taking them with some of the best cruises in Saigon, Vietnam. Here are some salient features of the fabulous cruises arranged by the best tour operators from Vietnam:

·        The vessels provided by these tour operators for Mekong River Tours are made of steel bodies and sleek low drafts that make it easier for the vessels to sail through even the difficult parts of the river. It can harbour on those locations which other vessels can’t even access. The best tour operators follow river path close to river banks to make the tourists get priceless experience on beautiful villages and people there. Also, to reach the banks, Mekong River tour boats are used to take the tourists through the swallow water passages near the banks. Check out Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong

·        The aristocracy of the ships is unparallel in the industry. Tour operators which offer CF mekong river tours have always given priority to three factors- safety, comfort, and privacy of the passengers. Keeping these in mind, the vessels are made to give their passengers ultimate experience that they can think of. Gorgeous double bed cabins, AC facilities in every room, private lounge area, HiFi system and special bathrooms with hot and cold water facilities are a part of the cruise to make the guests’ stay on the ship cozy and comfortable.

·        Other accommodations and services during the tour always remain at the top level. Guests enjoy the exclusive travelling experience which they cherish long after. Wide varieties of foods, both Asian and Continental are served throughout the cruise. Special bar on board is there which serves the best brands of wine and other beverages to guests.

·        All the crew members are given first-aid training to provide first-aid to the passengers whenever needed. Fire alarm system is provided in all cabins and private lounges; at the same time the fire fighting system is always up to date on the ships.

Tour Experience:

The tour operators of Mekong River tours arrange different types of cruises throughout the year for all national and international tourists coming from different parts of the world. The cruise generally lasts between 3 to 9 days. During their journey, the tourists get an exclusive experience of the fabulous nature, culture and heritage of two most beautiful countries in the world, viz. Vietnam and Cambodia. Right from evergreen rainforests of Cambodia to mind boggling scenic beauty of Mekong Delta in Vietnam, the tourists can observe wonderful sunsets, unique archeological marvels, jungle-clad mountains, and cultural treasures of secluded villages accompanied with warm welcome from natives and mouth watering dishes.

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