Control Accidental Spilling with Spill Response Products

Those companies that store and use any potentially hazardous liquids or substances must always be prepared for spillages. Therefore, having immediate access to spill response products is a real necessity.
Legal Responsibility
Under current Australian legislation, there is the legal obligation to reduce and if possible, eliminate pollutants discharging into water, land and in the air. This is the Environmental Protection Act 1997.This is also known as the“ environmental duty of care”.
Spill Response Products
There are a number of different spill response products available.
There is a range of “wheelie bin” based spill kits. These are easy to access and can be moved quickly to any spillage. There is a general purpose kit that contains organic booms and granular organic absorbents. Along with pads for general purpose work. This kit is ideal for hydrocarbons, paints both solvents and emulsions, and chemicals that are non-aggressive. There are other bins for oils only and for “Hazchem” chemical spills, hazardous chemicals. A specialized bin for the marine environment is also available.
Absorbents can also be used with small “non-reportable” spillages and anticipated maintenance leaks. These include bioactive, general purpose, and hydrocarbon packs. They can come as granules, rolls or pads.
“Bunds” and Booms. A bund is a barrier like a dyke. A containment boom can be used in a large water area. These will contain hydrocarbons and other floating sentiments. These are very durable and can be used for a lengthy period of time. There are also floating booms designed to absorb contaminants. Bunds are made from fabrics and can be easily transported to where they are needed. If a tanker say has discharged oil, a bund can be set up around the area to contain the spillage.
Spill Kit Service
A spill kit service is more than just supplying the spill kits. Records need to be kept and dated. The pattern of usage needs to be monitored. What kits are regularly used, for what reason and why? This could indicate a problem. All inspections of kits have to be noted, dated and recorded. There should be a maintenance tag on each kit. Inspections should be dated and recorded on these tags. This service can be provided. Paperwork can be very onerous and confusing especially in a busy workplace. But under “duty of care” this has to be undertaken.
Spill Kit Maintenance
Another very important service is spill kit maintenance. Kits will be quickly restocked. The kits themselves must be kept serviceable and always ready for use. There will be regular cleaning of the spill kits. In the case of an emergency, stocks can be replaced within 24 hours.
Oil Spill Kits
There is a variety of different oil spill kits that can be used. As noted there is the “wheelie bin” “absorb oil only” spill kit designed especially for use with hydrocarbons. There are also hydrocarbon specific pads. There is also a pad based spillage kit to be used to clean out oil bilge from the bottom of a boat. This is only to be used once.
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