Co-Occurrence and Co-Citation – The Latest Pillars of SEO World

If you are aware of the internet trends, you must have seen the experiments Google is doing over the past few years. Google is experimenting with the list of algorithm changes for deriving a powerful and unique result. This change has hugely affected the way SEO or search engine optimization works. Whoever related to SEO, knows well about the importance of anchor texts, link building, keywords and backlinks for SEO. These terms used to be the key features depending upon the rise or fall in the page ranking of a particular website. Nowadays, with the advent of the modern technology, link building techniques changed to a larger extent with a series of Google algorithm changes primarily the popular Panda and Penguin update. The entire SEO strategy now depends on co-occurrence and co-citation.

A Sneak Peek on Brand New Theories

In co-occurrence theory, the similarities between two websites are not the main point to focus. Rather, it refers to the affiliation of keywords or phrases that relate to each other. The relation or link between particular keywords develops a connection that Google takes into consideration as a significant SEO ranking factor.

Co-citation theory deals with the resemblances between two websites. For instance, if web page x and y are referred by web page z, they might be considered linked to each other. Based on this relation, Google will find out a connection between both sites which is later on considered as crucial SEO ranking factor. The best way to earn co-citations without confusion and hassle is to fill your website with fresh, original and unique content on regular basis.

You might have questions in your mind, if these theories really exist and fruitful for SEO business; as theory without any support of evidence is just a dry plain statement. According to the market survey, these theories have some favorable evidence. As per SEO experts, the research suggests that the anchor text is on downside and Google is more likely to follow these theories for ranking websites in the existing timeframe. Learn more about:

Why Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence SEO are becoming very significant

You should know why the replacement happened at the first place. Anchor text manipulations, keyword stuffing, manipulating websites ranking and link spamming are some grave issues that caused the replacement of anchor text, backlinks, and link building with co-occurrence and co-citation. In order to provide readers and web surfers more accurate and proper information, Google started to penalize the websites responsible for negative SEO work for rankings. The entire step taken by Google resulted in a plethora of changes in its algorithm methods. Co-citation andco-occurrence link building can be developed naturally if your content is not copied and shared largely on social media.

In order to get excellent co-occurrence and co-citation link building, you have to develop and provide quality content, update website regularly, increase participation in online forums and discussion is a must as well as catch attention with trendy and latest topics.

With the advent of co-occurrence and co-citation, the rebirth of SEO is ensured and can help you out with getting better search engine results avoiding any kind of manipulations. You can completely rely on Ardormediafactory in the constantly changing SEO landscape where you always need to stay up-to-date with strategies of optimization and changing practices.